First Look | Downtown Bremerton Family Session

It was a rainy afternoon in Downtown Bremerton, but it's always a blast with this crew.

First Look | Howe Farm Family Session | Port Orchard Family Photographer

I would call her sassy pants, but she "doesn't even have on pants!" You can't even imagine the personality bottled up in this tiny three year old body.

Howe Farm, Port Orchard, WA

Howe Farm, Port Orchard, WA

First Look: Milestone Session | Bremerton Child Photographer

She is sweet as can be and an excellent backward scooter. She was mostly quiet except when her big brother would crack her up. I've photographed this sweet girl from her first few moments on earth to now, 6 months. Oh, how I'll miss this family.

Rewind a few months. She was so sleepy for her newborn session. We did so many setups! 

Rewind a few more days. She had daddy wrapped around her finger before she even opened her eyes. 

Simplicity | Bremerton Newborn Photographer

During the Newborn Retreat, a guest photographer spoke on natural newborn photography. I gasped and ran to show my husband. It was so simple yet took my breath away. 

While I had already started taking steps to strip down my newborn sessions, I am so excited to embrace this mindset and simply my work! 

Oh, and can we talk about this boy's hair?

Family Session at Kitsap Lake in Bremerton, WA

Every time I get to photograph this family, I get excited. Evie never disappoints and her parents are pretty well behaved too ;) 

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon by the water at Kitsap Lake Park. I love this park because it's so diverse. Rustic lawns, willow trees, water... it's just beautiful! 

Family Session at Point No Point | Bremerton Family Photographer

There's one constant with the military: Change. Brittany and her family just moved to Port Orchard, Washington as her husband gets ready to start a new tour. They had lots of family in town to help them explore their new city so they ventured up north to Point No Point for some family pictures at the beach. 

This is one of my most favorite locations! Point No Point is one of the few sandy beaches in the area and it has an amazing view of Seattle and Mt. Rainier. 

Newborn Session in Bremerton, WA

Have you ever experienced overwhelming joy for someone else? I can wholeheartedly say that when I found out Samantha was pregnant I felt tremendous joy. I have known Samantha for a while, and I can remember sitting at an early morning bible study at Purpose Boutique when she asked for us to pray for a child. She fiercely wanted to be a mom and she wanted her husband to be a dad.

One day I casually was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture slideshow she had posted. The very last slide was an ultrasound picture! Joy.

After a smooth, and very fit, pregnancy, Lane made Samantha's dreams come true. She had a beautiful little girl to call her own. 

"Having my daughter Lane is my biggest accomplishment not only as a mom but in life so far! Not my career, not my schooling, nothing. Really her little accomplishments from each day as she grows are mine as well. Its about making her happy, seeing her start to smile, her little noises she is starting to make, snuggling with her, our moments together in the late hours/early mornings. All these little things add up to my accomplishments as her mom and absolutely nothing can replace that."

 "I want to see Lane grow up to be healthy, happy, bright and independent. To  become a responsible adult that will one day have her own loving family."

"My husband and I were recently out having dinner and I was feeding Lane. While feeding her, she had the most epic blow out. We literally had to stop, leave the table and both go into the a single stall women's bathroom to tackle this mess. To make matters worse there was no changing table, so we had to improvise. We were like a Nascar pit crew!"

 "I think family photos are important because photos create a memory. Time goes by so fast, photos capture and bring to life your memories with your family. Lane has already changed SO much from these newborn photos that were taken but now I have these photos of her at that exact time and moment in her life, which created a lasting memory for me."