Momographer Series | Perspective

As a new mom, I know you don't always have the time (or energy) to grab your DSLR, change your settings and capture that sweet moment. By the time you've done all of that, you've probably missed the moment anyway! It's so much easier to grab your cell and snap a quick pic. Just because you're using a cell phone (or a point-and-shoot) doesn't mean you can't take awesome pictures! 

In the Momographer Series, I will walk you through simple changes that will make a big impact in your momography!

The first lesson is on perspective. It's easy to understand and you can practice right away.

I see pictures like these all the time:

I've even taken pictures like this a million times (obviously!) While there are several things technically wrong with these images, I'll only address perspective today.

Perspective changes the feel of an image. It takes a picture from "there is L laying on a mat" to "there is L exploring his new world." Sounds crazy, but see for yourself:

The only thing that changed between these two pictures was me. Don't be afraid to get down on your kids' level; really see the world through their eyes. You'll love the results.

Here is another example of how changing my level really makes the picture special.

Something else I love to do is shoot from above. This doesn't work in all situations, but I love to do this when I want to capture L's view.

And another example of how changing my perspective really changes the picture:

As you can see, it doesn't take much to really change the look of your pictures. A little change of perspective can take your pictures from average to really special.

AND... all of the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone!


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