Americana Popsicle Session | Charleston Family Photographer

Want to know something really funny and SO #momlife? I wrote this blog post June 2016 and never published it. My baby is all grown and the field is full of houses, but there is no better time than the present to hit publish! Goodness gracious, y'all! 

This session was a combination of two ideas. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned a field? This field is actually just a few cleared lots in the back of our neighborhood. Every day when I drove past it I just knew it was perfect for pictures. For weeks, I tried to take Landon out there but something always seemed to come up - a thunderstorm, a melt down... 

At the same time, I had also wanted to take pictures of Landon eating ice cream or a popsicle. I mean, is there anything cuter (or more terrifying) than watching a toddler eat a treat? The only thing I couldn't figure out was how do I keep a popsicle cold in the crazy South Carolina heat? 

BINGO! I'll take Landon out to the field! 

And I kid you not. TWO days later they poured foundations, so my field is no more. 

June 2017 - Part 2

I finally got around to editing Landon's birthday pictures. Landon - at the beach - by myself- while trying to take pictures of him proved to be very difficult. You can see we had an outfit change mid-session. As we were getting dressed in the car I told Landon how we weren't going to get wet until after mommy took pictures and he promised to stay dry. Well, that lasted all of 10 minutes, but it wouldn't be pictures of Landon if he wasn't in the ocean fully clothed! You'll also see that sand throwing was a thing. While I don't think this is some of my best work, I think it does capture his wild personality. 

Because waiting for your milk post-nap is just so difficult. Well, I guess when mom stops to take some pictures it is :) 

My time with this bump is coming to an end so I set up the tripod, got out the remote and took a few self-portraits. 

After taking a few bump pictures, Landon saw me working on a thank you gift for our nurses at the hospital (a bucket full of junk food). He found a "special treat" and asked if he could have it. It's amazing what this baby will do for a Nutty Bar... 

His big personality is so exhausting at times (mostly just because I'm 100 months pregnant and would rather just sleep all day), but, gosh, I love it.  I can't imagine life without my silly boy.

Spring fun at Folly Beach, SC

These two sweet kids were so much fun to work with. One ended up soaking wet. Can you guess which one?


First Look | Downtown Charleston Family Session | West Ashley Family Photographer

About an hour before we were supposed to meet the clouds rolled in and it started to sprinkle. We decided to move forward with the session and hope for the best. Dad watched the radar as I worked with the kids and little miss toted the umbrella (that was bigger than her) as we walked around. With the pastel colors, snuggles, giggles and dancing, it was the perfect night despite the rain.

Old Mill Park Family Session | Silverdale Family Photographer

It was so cold and windy during this session, but you'd never know based on how happy this little girl was. She literally smiled non-stop the entire time we were walking around Old Mill Park. 

Old Mill Park WA

The cold weather gave us the excuse to take a lot of snuggly pictures and pull out the mouse hat... which is the cutest thing you've ever seen. 

Old Mill Park Silverdale WA

Port Gamble Mini Session | Bremerton Child Photographer

First Birthday Pictures in Bremerton, WA

Turning One is so much fun! I meet up with this one year old at Evergreen Park in Bremerton, WA for a quick and fun first birthday session.

When I say "quick" I mean QUICK! This boy kicked his shoes off and never stopped. I couldn't get over how good he could walk. He made me work for it, but I think I've got some pictures that capture baby H at 1 years old. 

6 Month Milestone Session in Silverdale, WA

When a six month old arrives at the studio you never really know what you're going to get. The second I opened the front door, Oliver flashed me the biggest gummy smile and I knew we were going to be just fine. 

six month milestone session Silverdale Wa

This was such a fun six month milestone session! Oliver brought his mommy and daddy along and they were awesome. At one point, mom and dad were dancing with a dog and Oliver was loving every second of it. My studio was just the way I like it - full of love and happy babies. 

6 month milestone silverdale, wa

Thank you for allowing me to capture Oliver at 6 months. Those bright blue eyes could melt anyone into a puddle. I've been told a happy baby is a reflection of a happy home. I don't think anyone could deny your baby is well loved. I cannot wait to see Oliver again for his 9 month milestone session! 

Family Session at Harborside Fountain Park in Bremerton, WA

I love getting to watch families grow. When I first met Melissa, she was a mom to a beautiful little blonde named Ava. Fast forward two years later and she added an independent, baby wipe loving, little guy who's eyes and pouty lips will melt you into a puddle. 


We spent an evening playing in the fountains at Harborside Fountain Park. It's a cute little park tucked between the Navy Shipyard and the Ferry Terminal. As the name suggests, there are huge fountains that guide you from the street down to the water. It made the absolute best location! 

Ava quickly became my little sidekick. She was so good at helping me with her brother - even though, as most little brothers can attest, he just wanted to do things for himself! Her blue eyes lit up when I told her to let me know her ideas for pictures. I must say, most of her ideas were awesome! 


And then there was little Eli. I wish you could have seen him scoot closer and closer to the fountain until his little fingers were finally splashing in the water.

I literally could have photographed this family all night. But alas, the sun slipped behind the horizon and bedtime came. 


Melissa and Tony, 
I had so much fun spending some time with your beautiful family. You're kiddos were an absolute joy to work with. I hope you you can look back at these pictures and remember that warm summer night when Eli only wanted to hang upside down and Ava wanted to come work with me.