2018 Studio Mini Session Welcome Guide

I am so excited for our studio mini session!

Make sure to prepare your kids for Santa before the session. Go over what they can talk to him about, you can bring a letter for him, etc. If your little one just isn’t having it, we can still get beautiful pictures without Santa.

I’ve included my outdoor Welcome Guide as I feel like much of the information applies. Keep in mind that Santa will have on red so plan your child’s outfit accordingly. The rest of the sets are traditional (slightly farmhouse) green, red and white. I’ve included a link to a Pinterest board with clothing inspiration at the very bottom.

Behind the Scenes | Charleston Baby Photographer

Every time I pass these azaleas on a walk I think about how cute Rhett would look sitting in them. As soon as he woke up from his nap we loaded up the wagon with props and headed to the sidewalk down the street. I snapped this cell phone picture to show you what it actually looked like. It's nothing much, but it made it look like he was surrounded by flowers!


Beach Session Tips

As we gear up for another beautiful Charleston summer, I wanted to put together a few tips for making the most of your beach session. 

We have to shoot around the sun's schedule
You'll notice that the session start times are really early or pretty late in the day. At the beach, the only way to get nice, soft lighting (trust me, you'll want it!) is to shoot around the sun's schedule. It's just one day of having to throw schedules off, but you'll love the results. 

Not sure if you're willing to get up before the sun? Here are a few things to consider:
Did you know the beach is usually less windy in the morning? The temperature is usually cooler than the end of a hot southern day. Less people are at the beach which means less distractions for little ones. There is also something so tranquil about Folly in the early morning hours. 

Don't be afraid to get sandy & wet
I love beach sessions because it gives us the chance to create some amazing images in the water. Please don't be afraid to get wet! We will start with all of the dry pictures so we can end your session having fun splashing in the water. 

The beach is windy but we're going to embrace it
Keep in mind when styling your hair that the beach is usually windy.

Plan a fun outfit
At the beach, you can totally get away with a fun outfit! And you're totally off the hook for shoes because we aren't going to wear any! You should have received a Welcome Guide, but here are a few beach specific tips.

Moms- I love maxi dresses at the beach. The way the wind catches them creates an ease to your look. I would avoid a short dress since the beach is windy. I'm a sucker for floppy hats in a few pictures.

Dads - shorts and cotton t-shirts are always nice. If you wear a button down shirt, roll the sleeve for a more relaxed look. 

Kids - I think the beach gives you the opportunity to dress your kids in a fun outfit. A sweet dress for girls or suspenders (no shirt required) for boys always look nice. Hats are also a nice touch to wear in a few pictures.
(Note: I do have bonnets, ruffle rompers, bloomers and shorts. Let me know if you'd like to borrow something from the client closet!) 
As always, neon colors and logos do not photograph well.

Things you might want to bring for your session: 
Bug spray
Bobby pins
An activity (a toy sailboat, bubbles, etc. We can brainstorm ideas together.)

Things to pack in your car for after your session: 
Several towels
A change of clothes for everyone
A treat for well behaved kids
*Folly Beach does not have showers at every beach access. I usually recommend either bringing water or driving down to an access with a shower.