Charleston Babymoon | Charleston Maternity Photographer

This mom-to-be emailed me months ago to book a session during their babymoon to Charleston. I cannot wait to share more from this sweet session and show you why they were beyond excited to be doing a maternity session! 

Due Date Pals | Folly Beach, SC Maternity Session

When this mom first reached out to me about a maternity and newborn session I was so upset because I was unable to photograph her baby. It turns out that we were due just two days apart! I was thrilled that she still wanted to do maternity pictures together. 

Torn between Downtown Charleston and Folly Beach, I think she picked the most perfect spot. The light was magical and they definitely had that first time parent glow. It was fun to photograph someone just as pregnant as me, however I was struggling on the sand way more than she was! 

We left the session with, "good luck! See you at the hospital!"

First Timers | Moncks Corner, SC Maternity Session

After trying to decide if the rain was going to hold off or not, we decided to drive up to Moncks Corner and attempt this maternity session. As soon as we arrived, the sun came out and we were left with a beautiful Charleston Day.

This couple is expecting their first baby, but are waiting until delivery day to find out the gender. Either way, this is one luck baby because his or her parents are pretty awesome!

In Full Bloom | Hampton Park Maternity Session

This maternity session was done in Hampton Park in Charleston. You would never know from looking at these pictures that we did this session in March. Hampton Park was in full bloom and was absolutely beautiful!

This sweet couple also moved here from Washington, which is where we were stationed before coming to Charleston. We even share a ton of mutual friends. Such a coincidence!

At the time of this maternity session, they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sweet boy who ended up making a surprise appearance. Look out for their newborn pictures to hear the story!

June 2017 - Part 2

I finally got around to editing Landon's birthday pictures. Landon - at the beach - by myself- while trying to take pictures of him proved to be very difficult. You can see we had an outfit change mid-session. As we were getting dressed in the car I told Landon how we weren't going to get wet until after mommy took pictures and he promised to stay dry. Well, that lasted all of 10 minutes, but it wouldn't be pictures of Landon if he wasn't in the ocean fully clothed! You'll also see that sand throwing was a thing. While I don't think this is some of my best work, I think it does capture his wild personality. 

Because waiting for your milk post-nap is just so difficult. Well, I guess when mom stops to take some pictures it is :) 

My time with this bump is coming to an end so I set up the tripod, got out the remote and took a few self-portraits. 

After taking a few bump pictures, Landon saw me working on a thank you gift for our nurses at the hospital (a bucket full of junk food). He found a "special treat" and asked if he could have it. It's amazing what this baby will do for a Nutty Bar... 

His big personality is so exhausting at times (mostly just because I'm 100 months pregnant and would rather just sleep all day), but, gosh, I love it.  I can't imagine life without my silly boy.

A Cool Spring Evening | Downtown Charleston, SC Sunset Maternity Session

This Sunset Maternity Session in Downtown Charleston is from back in March. Despite the fact that we'd had some really warm weather, it was surprisingly cool on this evening. Mom hung in there and everything turned out beautifully!

Charleston didn't disappoint and gave us beautiful blossoms and a golden sunset.

Mom is from Charleston so I asked her if the city ever loses it's charm. Of course, she replied "No."                                                                                                                                                     How could it?

Folly Beach Maternity Session Preview

Yeah, it was a good night at Folly Beach.

A Sunset session in Hampton Park | Charleston, SC Maternity Photographer

Such an amazing couple! I left feeling like I had known them forever and I cannot wait to see them again + one sweet little baby!


A Historic Charleston Maternity Session

I always have giddy energy before doing a session in downtown Charleston. You never know what you're going to get - most days there are dozens of tourists exploring our beautiful city, sometimes you'll see 10 different brides taking their bridal portraits, and you might even see the pirate lady walking around with a group of students giving tours. Lately the weather has kept me guessing as well. When the day finally rolled around for this family's maternity pictures, we got the most beautiful February day to document baby girl #2's sweet little bump. 

Mom missed out on maternity pictures with her first as big sister decided she was going to come early. As we walked around chatting about preparing for her second baby, I could tell mom was relieved to have made it this far along. 

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw the story about the horse. Big sister (who I had to call Elsa (from Frozen) the entire session) wanted a picture with a horse so bad. We kept trying, but between cars and a moving target, we kept missing the moment. At the very end of the session, we were finally on a quiet street when we heard a horse clicking down the street. The stars aligned and WE GOT THE PICTURE! The carriage driver even stopped so big sister could pet the horse. It was such a special moment to end the night. And with that, here are the pictures from the wonderful night in downtown Charleston... 

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session | Charleston Maternity Photographer

There were alley cats, chickens (aka dogs) and horses galore during this session tonight.

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session