A historic Downtown Charleston Milestone Session | 6 months | Charleston Family Photographer

Southern Charm Family session | charleston Family Photographer

It's amazing how small the world is. My husband and I were sitting at our son's new school orientation when one of my husband's coworkers walked in. We were both stationed in Washington at the same time and knew they were back in Charleston as well. However, we didn't realize we lived in the same area, our kids went to the same school,  our youngest were born a few weeks apart AND share a name. Crazy, right?! 

It was so fun to spend a spring night in historic Charleston with them. We started the session at Rainbow Row for family pictures and ended in a hidden alley for a cake smash. 

And then the moment of truth... would he like the cake? It's a YES from me! :) 

Every outdoor session with balloons should end in a "balloon race". 

Messiest Cake Smasher | Downtown Charleston, SC 1st Birthday Milestone Session

I met this family bright and early for a session full of baby snuggles and cake eating in celebration of this little guy's first birthday. As soon as I pulled my camera out, he flashed me the best smile and I knew this was going to be a good session.

This was such a sweet family. It was apparent from the beginning of the session just how much they love each other- and how obsessed they are with their baby! And it turns out that our husbands work together and we have a few mutual friends. It's funny how small the world is!

We walked around Downtown Charleston and hit the "hot spots"- Rainbow Row and Waterfront Park- and then headed to White Point Gardens for some cake.

You would never know from the pictures, but K didn't actually eat any cake! He might win the title for "Messiest Cake Smasher Who Didn't Actually Eat Any Cake." He loved running his hands through the cake though.

K, I hope you have a wonderful dinosaur birthday party and that year #2 is full of many wonderful memories!

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session | Charleston Maternity Photographer

There were alley cats, chickens (aka dogs) and horses galore during this session tonight.

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session

Downtown Charleston Maternity Session