October 2017

Another month has come and gone. I'm not even really sure what we did this month besides buy an excessive number of Halloween costumes, eat way too much candy and not get enough sleep. 

Yes, each boy had two costumes. We weren't going to let Landon be a Stormtrooper, so he picked Mickey. In a moment of weakness, Trip took Landon back to Target to grab a (way too big) Stormtrooper costume. He was Mickey and the Roadster Racer for our neighborhood Fall Fest and a Stormtrooper on Halloween night. 

Rhett is in a weird phase for costumes. He's still pretty little so he needed an infant size costume. However, most infant costumes are the sleep sacks - and he's too old for that. Landon and I picked out a Narwhal costume which was really cute... however with that tail, there was no way to transport him while trick-or-treating. So, I sewed some ears on a hat and he was the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. 

September 2017

I can't believe September has already come and gone! This month started my peak season with everyone getting in their pictures while the weather is "cooler"  for Holiday cards so I didn't pull out my camera as much for the boys. However, a few days ago Landon was telling Rhett about the letters he was going to mail and it was just the cutest thing. Rhett thinks Landon is the greatest. Landon loves that he can "make Rhett's heart feel happy".  The third picture, the one of him stretching, kills me. It could just as easily be a picture of Landon at that age. 

Gigi and Granddad came for a weekend visit. When I was newly pregnant with Rhett, I got really sick and my mom came to help me with Landon while Trip worked nights. Landon remembered how Gigi drew a puppy dog face on him from all those months ago. This time, he requested a cat face. He came downstairs beaming with pride over his "kitty cat face... with Gigi's makeup!

I took these next two of Landon while my parents were in town. We let Landon sleep in our room while my parents slept in his bed. He started out in his sleeping bag, but I woke up to this. He's always been a wild sleeper. Being the first one up has it's perks. 

When I say Rhett could sit in his swing all day, I'm not kidding. I was getting all of my camera gear packed up for a session and I was struck by how the window was casting such pretty light on him. He just seemed so peaceful in the dark room. 

The end of September means that Rhett is 3 months old. He's still a peanut - this onesie is a size 0-3 months. I did pack away all of his newborn size clothes, which were working really hard to start fastened due to his length. I know we are getting ready to enter such a fun phase of babbles, sitting up, playing, etc but I love the newborn phase so much. He's been such a great baby (already sleeping through the night and so happy!) that I wish I could freeze this phase. 

You can see more from Rhett's 3 month session, here

Three month milestone session | West Ashley Baby Photographer

It feels like only yesterday I was in the hospital with him, but in reality it's been three whole months. He has brought so much joy to our family and his big personality is fitting in perfectly to our circus! Last month he found his tongue, but this month (really in the past few days) he's learned how to make spit bubbles. He's starting to work his hands and catch a hold of anything in their path. During this quick little session he actually laughed for the first time! 

Due Date Pals | Folly Beach, SC Maternity Session

When this mom first reached out to me about a maternity and newborn session I was so upset because I was unable to photograph her baby. It turns out that we were due just two days apart! I was thrilled that she still wanted to do maternity pictures together. 

Torn between Downtown Charleston and Folly Beach, I think she picked the most perfect spot. The light was magical and they definitely had that first time parent glow. It was fun to photograph someone just as pregnant as me, however I was struggling on the sand way more than she was! 

We left the session with, "good luck! See you at the hospital!"

Family Reunion | Folly Beach, SC Family Session

One of the best things about living in Charleston is that I get to work with a ton of families that are visiting the area. When I received a message about an extended family session at Folly Beach I was thrilled!

Getting to work with families who don't live near each other is such a treat. There is just so much joy!

First Timers | Moncks Corner, SC Maternity Session

After trying to decide if the rain was going to hold off or not, we decided to drive up to Moncks Corner and attempt this maternity session. As soon as we arrived, the sun came out and we were left with a beautiful Charleston Day.

This couple is expecting their first baby, but are waiting until delivery day to find out the gender. Either way, this is one luck baby because his or her parents are pretty awesome!

August 2017

I think I blinked my eyes and August came and went. It feels like we spent most of the month inside because a newborn and a heat index of 110 degrees don't mix too well.

I did get a new toy, a Go Pro. I have been wanting to do underwater photography, but the housing units for DSLR cameras are scary expensive. As soon as I got the "all clear" from my OB, I took Landon to the pool to play. He wasn't too into taking pictures, but I did get a few that I liked. 

The eclipse was incredible. All morning it felt like the day before Christmas. After lunch, I told Landon he needed to do quiet time so he'd be ready for the eclipse. As soon as his timer went off he came running down the hall yelling, "it's time for the eclipse!!!" I downloaded an app on my phone that would tell us each phase and what to look for. Landon went crazy as soon as we got the 5 minute warning. He thought we were going to a parade - I guess because I kept saying we were going to go outside to watch the eclipse. This first set of pictures was taken right when the eclipse started (at 1:15pm). 

Trip planned to stay at work, but he decided to come home. He made it back right after it started. 

This next set of pictures was taken as we were getting closer to totality. It got so cloudy and we could hear thunder in the distance. All of our friends a little further inland were posting on Facebook about the rain and overcast. We were just praying we would be able to see something. These were around 2:40pm. Notice how the house lights start to show as it got darker outside.

As we got closer and closer to totality, the clouds began to part and we had a perfect little gap to watch the eclipse. There is only a 2.5 minute difference between the last picture (above) and the picture below.  I even had to brighten this picture in photoshop so you could see the boys. 

Charleston-Family-Photographer-Following-Seas-Photography-2983 copy.jpg

We didn't notice a temperature drop, but we could hear the crickets chirp. I know I'm super hormonal still, but seeing the ring of light around the moon brought tears to my eyes. I think it was the build up of hoping we would see it and then to actually be standing in your own backyard watching it - it was incredible. I just stood there in awe. I wasn't going to attempt any pictures, but Trip quickly told me to just snap one really quick... 

Honestly, the pictures don't even do it justice - there was a purple glow on the lower half. It only lasted about 1.5 minutes where we live, and Trip and I were both surprised how quickly it got bright outside again. And just as the sunlight came back a huge thunderstorm rolled in. We weren't able to watch the moon leave the sun, but I am so thankful we were able to see totality. Landon literally had a meltdown because he wanted to watch the eclipse again. He has a crazy memory so it will be interesting to see if he'll remember this day. 

Update: he is still talking about the eclipse. 

And finally, the month ended with this little peanut turning 2 months old. He's up to 9lbs, 2oz and 22.5 in long. He seems SO BIG to us, but I know he is still tiny compared to most two month olds. The good thing about small babies is that you get to keep your "newborn" around longer. Rhett is starting to show us his little personality. He loves a good diaper change - he literally smiles the entire time. He also loves fake sneezes and his "panda fire" (pacifier). Rhett found his tongue and loves to show it off. More pictures will follow...you know I took way more than 2 pictures of this sweet thing. 

Sweet & Wild Duo | Folly Beach, SC mini session

I had quickly worked with this duo at a neighborhood event so I knew this Folly Beach family mini session was going to be fun. Before each session, I talk to parents about their children: Are they shy or outgoing? What types of things are they currently into? When I read mom's description of her kids, I knew I was in for a treat for this Folly Beach session!

Big Brother is calm, a great listener, and just downright sweet. He was such a little charmer.

Little Miss, well, I was pretty sure she was going to be the female version of my wild 3 year old and boy was she! Actually, their birthdays are only a few days apart! About 10 minutes into the session she was soaked with salt water from ringlet to toe.

I actually love working with kids with big personalities. They keep me on my toes, but I just love how they are fearless around me. This was truly one of those sessions that I didn't want to end.

In Full Bloom | Hampton Park Maternity Session

This maternity session was done in Hampton Park in Charleston. You would never know from looking at these pictures that we did this session in March. Hampton Park was in full bloom and was absolutely beautiful!

This sweet couple also moved here from Washington, which is where we were stationed before coming to Charleston. We even share a ton of mutual friends. Such a coincidence!

At the time of this maternity session, they were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their sweet boy who ended up making a surprise appearance. Look out for their newborn pictures to hear the story!