Folly Beach Maternity Session | Folly Beach Photographer

Sunset after the storm | Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

I was so upset when I woke up to the sound of rain. This mom-to-be had booked her Folly Beach maternity session months in advance and I really wanted it to be the perfect night. Late morning, the sun came out and I was so hopeful the day would turn around. And that's when a nasty, black could rolled in. I checked the radar (a few dozen times), fired off an email and then waited. 

The radar promised a clear sky over the beach, so I loaded up the car in the rain and started driving. Sure enough, the sky started to turn blue the closer to the beach I got. And, without fail, as soon as I parked the bottom dropped out. 


About the time the rain stopped, we started walking out to the beach with a "hope for the best" attitude. As we topped the sand hill we were met with a glorious view of the lighthouse and the most beautiful cotton-candy cloud sky. The evening just got better as the sun started to set. We laughed, dad danced, there was a peanut gallery of little boys playing at the beach offering their commentary on our session - it was just a fun night! 

I am so thankful for this couple that drove through a thunderstorm for pictures with me. I think Folly Beach was showing off for them because it was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever seen.  

Due Date Pals | Folly Beach, SC Maternity Session

When this mom first reached out to me about a maternity and newborn session I was so upset because I was unable to photograph her baby. It turns out that we were due just two days apart! I was thrilled that she still wanted to do maternity pictures together. 

Torn between Downtown Charleston and Folly Beach, I think she picked the most perfect spot. The light was magical and they definitely had that first time parent glow. It was fun to photograph someone just as pregnant as me, however I was struggling on the sand way more than she was! 

We left the session with, "good luck! See you at the hospital!"

First Look: Folly Beach Sunset Maternity Session | Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

Because there were two stars of the show last night... 

Rain in Charleston is pretty rare. Or at least it feels that way after living in Seattle for three years.  We had gone days without a drop of rain and then on session day, it was pouring! We pushed the session back until the next day without a chance of rain and hoped for the best since Missy and her husband were on vacation at Folly Beach. 

Y'all, last night was perfection. Cotten candy clouds over the surf and a pug wearing a bow-tie. What could be better that that? 

Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

Sunset at Folly Beach | Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

Folly Beach has always been a special place for this out-of-town couple. They've visited many times and were even married on the beach. When it came time to do their maternity pictures, it was only fitting that they drove back down to "their beach". It was a perfect early fall night at Folly. The sun even put on a show for them - the sky was the most beautiful shades of pinks and oranges. 

First Look | Folly Beach Maternity Session | Charleston Maternity Photographer

This beautiful momma is 37 weeks with a sweet baby boy. We meet up at Folly Beach for a quick maternity session before the little guy makes his arrival!