Messiest Cake Smasher | Downtown Charleston, SC 1st Birthday Milestone Session

I met this family bright and early for a session full of baby snuggles and cake eating in celebration of this little guy's first birthday. As soon as I pulled my camera out, he flashed me the best smile and I knew this was going to be a good session.

This was such a sweet family. It was apparent from the beginning of the session just how much they love each other- and how obsessed they are with their baby! And it turns out that our husbands work together and we have a few mutual friends. It's funny how small the world is!

We walked around Downtown Charleston and hit the "hot spots"- Rainbow Row and Waterfront Park- and then headed to White Point Gardens for some cake.

You would never know from the pictures, but K didn't actually eat any cake! He might win the title for "Messiest Cake Smasher Who Didn't Actually Eat Any Cake." He loved running his hands through the cake though.

K, I hope you have a wonderful dinosaur birthday party and that year #2 is full of many wonderful memories!

First Look | Charleston Twin Cake Smash Session | West Ashley Photographer

"Born together. Friends forever." These two boys broke in my new space during their cake smash. Maybe I should call their session a cake slide because little Mr. L can tell you cake gets slippery!


Happy Birthday, H! | Silverdale Cake Smash Photographer

Y'all, my last cake smash in Washington couldn't have been more perfect. When I took my first test shot with the background, I knew this was going to be one of my favorite smashes. The pinwheels, her birthday hat and bubble bath at the end... I don't know if it gets cuter than this. 

If you saw the sneak peek, then you already know how her smash went. She loved her cake for about 5 minutes. Then she pulled off her necklace and tutu... and then she was done! Like, basically feel asleep on the floor done.