Seriously Cute | West Ashley, SC In-Studio 9 Month Milestone Session

This sweet boy was 9 months old at his in-studio milestone session. It's amazing how quickly babies grow!

This wonderful family traveled all the way from South Georgia for their West Ashley milestone session.

Baby boy was so serious and after trying every trick in my book to get him to smile, dad bonked himself on the head with a water bottle and we had baby belly laughs until the very end of the session. Leave it to daddy to be silly and get baby to smile!

Wide-Eyed Newborn | West Ashley, SC In-Studio Newborn Session

This sweet boy came in for his mini session at 15 days old.

He was not too keen on going to sleep. Most of his newborn session was done with him open-eyed and wide awake, which is fine because look how adorable he is!

His nursery is elephant themed and it'll be so much fun to recreate this picture as he gets older. You'll really be able to see his growth.


He took a little nap for a few shots. Look how sweet he is!

First Look | 4 month milestone session | Charleston, SC Family Photographer

A little snooze during our studio mini session this morning. When the fingers went in his mouth, I melted. 

Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston, South Carolina 

My Charleston Studio Tour!

It might be small, but I'm loving this new studio space. I learned a lot from my Washington studio space. I decided to set up my new Charleston space with as much as possible tucked away so my working space kept a light and airy feel. I actually feel inspired in this space and I can't wait to see all of the memories photographed in this room.