Non-traditional smash sessions in Bremerton, WA

First birthday cake smashes are some of my favorite sessions. Watching a baby enjoy a cake with no rules is the best! Icing smeared from ear to ear. Fingers and toes covered. Swoon!

You can imagine how excited I was for my son to turn one. I had everything planned out. It was going to be great. He was going to go crazy. Probably even stick his face in the cake. Did that happen? No. Not even close. Even though I created a beautiful (and funny) gallery, I'll always remember his look of disgust.

One day Landon was eating a special treat - a powdered donut. I should clarify. By eating, I mean going to town. That's when the light bulb went off. I should totally do a donut smash. And when your mommy is a photographer, you have a donut smash the next day!

I couldn't be more thrilled with how these turned out!

Does your child have a special treat they go crazy for? Are you looking to do something a little different? Let's chat about creating a unique smash for your little one!