Monkey Cake Smash in Bremerton, WA

Let's be real. When a baby turns one, it's a pretty big accomplishment for the parents. I asked Michelle, this little monkey's momma, what her biggest accomplishment was so far as a mom and I loved her answer: Surviving the first year. So yes, cake smashes are a fun way to capture your baby's first taste of cake, but it is also a celebration of you!

I asked Michelle some questions about her first year as a mom, and I loved her honesty. I think we can all relate to stale Cheerios in the high chair and defining acceptable days as everyone staying in one piece. Way to go Michelle! You've raised an adorable little girl (who sure did love her cake smash)! 

What is your biggest accomplishment as a mom? 

"Surviving the first year? Seriously though, I probably feel most successful about breast feeding for a year. And that about 90% of the time she is a generally happy baby."

What are some lessons you've learned since becoming a parent? 

"Some things just aren't worth stressing about. She's gonna eat a Cheerio that's been hiding in the high chair for a month and she is gonna bump her head sometimes... But at the end of the day as long as we are all alive and in one piece, it's most likely an acceptable day!!"

In 20 years, what do you hope your children will say about you? 

"That I did all I could to make sure they were happy. And that they know I wasn't just being mean for no reason when they get punished."

Why are family photos important to you?

"They showcase ever-changing life situations and are great keepsakes to show time moving along."

Thank you for choosing me to capture V's cake smash. She is a happy and joyful child and that is a true reflection of her parents. Here's to year #2 and of course, cake!