First Day of Pre-School

We made a last minute (like, we enrolled him on Monday) decision to start Landon in Pre-K 2. He'll go three days a week to learn letters, numbers and hopefully how to listen. He was so excited about school and he even got to pick out a book bag (or nap bag as Landon calls it). We walked down the Target book bag row, which only had the leftover options for kids whose parents procrastinated. He saw the Paw Patrol bag and said, "how 'bout dis one!" He loves it. 

I think I was getting put in timeout here. Terrible twos can end at any point now. 

The ducks even came across the street to send him off. Either that or they know he throws them bread. 

And then he was off. He wanted to ride in a school bus, but settled for a "mommy school bus." The whole way to school he'd yell, "School bus. That's right!" every time we saw a bus.