Our Summer | Waterfront Park | Charleston Family Photographer

I've decided to start sharing more personal pictures on this blog. Picture are pictures, right? 

Today, the baby and I decided to blow off nap time and head to downtown Charleston for the day. I've haven't taken him downtown alone yet because, well, he is wild! We started our day-date at The Battery for a picnic under the Oak trees. Then we headed over to Waterfront Park for some water fun. Y'all this baby loves the water. Every time he would leave the water area I'd ask him if he was all done. He would shout, "nooooo!" and run back in. Every single time. I thought we'd stay for a half hour... we were there for TWO! I dragged his pruned little body out of the water and distracted him with popcorn while I convinced him we should go home. 

It was such a fun time down at Waterfront Park. Mommy got a suntan and baby ran out some energy. Oh, and bonus! He's currently upstairs napping. Woo hoo!