A Birthday Story | Kitsap Birth Photographer

I always call my husband to let him know I'm leaving a birth. Naturally, he always asks me how it went. This time I didn't even wait for him to ask. I immediately said, "Whoa! How do women do that? How did I do that? Birth is intense! Birth is so awesome!!!!!" 

Late Saturday night I got a text from this momma saying "I'm in labor! I'll let you know". All night I sat up waiting for the "It's time!" text that never came. Morning came and I got a text from the midwife saying she was progressing but slowly. I kept telling my husband I hope it speeds up for her because I knew how important a natural delivery was. Finally, the, "you should head this way text" dinged on my phone. I grabbed my stuff (did I shower while I was waiting? Of course not.) and bolted out the door towards Port Townsend. 

Mom really wanted a completely natural, hospital free birth. Unfortunately, she did have to move to a hospital, but they staff were really good about keeping her birth-plan as intact as possible. It was amazing to witness the pains of labor and a midwife coaching momma through the contracting, repeating positive mantras in her ear.