Are you a mom? With a DSLR camera? And you only sort-of-kind-of know what you're doing? I want to give you the confidence to push fear aside and pull out that "big girl" camera to start taking better pictures of your children. 

After this 3 hour workshop you will walk away knowing...

  • what the major buttons on your camera are & what they do
  • the exposure triangle (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) 
  • how to shoot in semi-automatic modes 
  • metering modes
  • white balance
  • composition "rules" & storytelling tips
  • you have a Facebook group to continue learning and sharing progress

In-Person Workshop

  • Located in my home in West Ashley (Charleston, SC) 
  • Limited to 2-3 moms/class
  • Working together "in the field" (weather permitting, of course) We'll go outside so you can practice settings in real-time. I'll also talk through where I'd put my son, how I'd compose a picture, how'd I'd get him to smile :) 
  • Ask questions in real-time
  • I'll be there to help you figure out your camera 


What you'll need...

  • A DSLR camera (email me if you're not sure if your camera is a DSLR)
  • Your camera manual if you can find it.
  • A positive attitude! 


This class is not right for you if... 

  • You already know the basics of photography (how to shoot in semi-automatic modes on your camera and the exposure triangle). This class will probably be a repeat of what you already know.  
  • You are planning on going into business as a professional photographer/ You are currently being paid for photography services. 
  • You are seeking professional photography business advice. 

Upcoming Workshops

In-Person Workshops

2018 dates coming soon! 

The Moms with Camera Workshop is $150+ tax.


I'm going to offer you the same deal I offer my clients! For every friend who signs up for the class and leaves your name on the contract, you'll get $25 off your workshop fee.

Go ahead and forward this email, post in Mom's groups on Facebook, shout from the rooftops! This workshop is going to be awesome!