*** Self-Paced Workshop coming soon! *** 

Are you a mom? With a DSLR camera? And you only sort-of-kind-of know what you're doing? I want to give you the confidence to push fear aside and pull out that "big girl" camera to start taking better pictures of your children. 

After this 3 hour workshop you will walk away knowing...

  • what the major buttons on your camera are & what they do
  • the exposure triangle (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) 
  • how to shoot in semi-automatic modes 
  • metering modes
  • white balance
  • composition "rules" & storytelling tips
  • you have a Facebook group to continue learning and sharing progress

In-Person Workshop

  • Located in my home in West Ashley (Charleston, SC) 
  • Limited to 2-3 moms/class
  • Working together "in the field" (weather permitting, of course) We'll go outside so you can practice settings in real-time. I'll also talk through where I'd put my son, how I'd compose a picture, how'd I'd get him to smile :) 
  • Ask questions in real-time
  • I'll be there to help you figure out your camera 


What you'll need...

  • A DSLR camera (email me if you're not sure if your camera is a DSLR)
  • Your camera manual if you can find it.
  • A positive attitude! 


This class is not right for you if... 

  • You already know the basics of photography (how to shoot in semi-automatic modes on your camera and the exposure triangle). This class will probably be a repeat of what you already know.  
  • You are planning on going into business as a professional photographer/ You are currently being paid for photography services. 
  • You are seeking professional photography business advice. 

Upcoming Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Coming soon! 

In-Person Workshops

January 7, 2017  9am-12pm


Want to do an in person workshop in your city? Email me to find out how. 

Ready to starting learning? Click the button below to reserve your spot! Full payment of $150 is due to hold your seat. Workshop fees are non-refundable due to limited space. 



I'm going to offer you the same deal I offer my clients! For every friend who signs up for the class and leaves your name on the contract, you'll get $25 off your workshop fee.

Go ahead and forward this email, post in Mom's groups on Facebook, shout from the rooftops! This workshop is going to be awesome!