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Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Whether this baby is your first, third or fifth, this is no doubt an exciting time for you and your family. Truthfully, newborn sessions are my favorite! There is nothing like their sweet scent and flaky, new skin. Newborn photography requires a large amount of planning and an insane amount of patience. You’ll be happy to know I’ve got you covered!

I truly love everything about motherhood and newborns. Rest easy knowing that I’m going to treat your baby like my own. I put my heart and soul into these sessions. I cannot thank you enough for trusting your newest family member to me.

See you soon!


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My goal is to make pictures that you’ll love today, but will also love twenty years from now. Because of that, you’ll see a lot of very simple setups in my portfolio. I love babies in their cribs in a white onesie or swaddled in a muslin blanket. Simple and timeless speaks to my soul.

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Preparing your home

Prior to your session, we will talk about which rooms you’d like to use during your session. Personally, I love using the nursery, master bedroom and/or living room. Sunrooms also make wonderful backdrops. You can also start walking around your home at different times of the day to see which rooms get the best light.

Make sure those rooms are picked up prior to your session. Even if that means throwing everything in the closet for now – I won’t share your little secret!

The most important aspect of preparing your home is heat. Babies like it hot. I know it’s a little painful, but crank your heat up to 75-80 degrees about 20 minutes prior to my arrival.


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The day of

Ideally, your baby is fed, changed and sleepy to start the session. Dress your baby in a zipper sleeper or something that is easy to remove without causing too much fuss.  I am a firm believer that sleep promotes sleep. Do not feel the need to keep your baby awake or stimulated before the session. I recommend that you time your feeding where you’ll wrap up as I’m arriving for the session. If you’d like to include some nursing/feeding images in your gallery, wait until I arrive to feed your baby.


What to expect during your session

Newborns set the pace for the session. Sometimes we spend a majority of the session feeding and soothing while other babies are ready to go. Every baby is different so we will work with their needs. The good thing about in-home sessions is that your baby does not need to be as sleepy as in the studio.

Because we are trying to limit the number of times baby is moved, I will take the lead in soothing your baby.

Your baby might be naked for some of the session. Messes are totally fine and completely normal. Have diapers, wipes and soft tissues handy.


What you can pull out to use

In-home sessions are all about baby in their environment. Pull out a few different swaddles and blankets. I like to keep babies naked or in white or simple onesies.

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What to wear

If we are going to include parents and/or siblings, I recommend wearing light colors. Whites are my personal favorite. Keep in mind the rooms we will be using to ensure your clothing does not clash. Do not feel like you need to match the nursery. Instead think of complimentary colors. Keep clothing easy – cotton instead of silk. Siblings look great in jeans or dresses. Also, keep in mind that your home will be warm.

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How to prepare siblings and pets

If we are including family, we will start with those images. Because my goal is to keep sessions as calm as possible, dad or grandparents can entertain older siblings in another part of the home while we finish the session.



My philosophy on post processing

In keeping with my natural style, I only make minor changes during post processing. I will clean up blotchy skin and baby acne. I will also clean up distracting flaky skin, but I think that is what makes a newborn a newborn so I do keep some of it. If your child has an angel kiss/stork bite or Mongolian spots, let me know if you’d like me to lighten them during post processing.


How to schedule your session

Let me know once your baby is born. I will give you my availability and we will pick a date and time. I usually like to start sessions in the late morning. Sessions can last anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours.


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After your session

I’ll go through and touch up the best images from your session. Within two weeks of your session, you’ll receive an online gallery with your images.


I hope this guide leaves you informed and excited about your newborn session! If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way. I want this to be a relaxing experience for you and your family.

I am so excited to meet your newest family member!

Ashleigh Lauber