Session Preview: Maternity Session in the woods | Charleston Maternity Photographer

Constant rain caused us to change the date of this session so many times, but we were rewarded with the best afternoon. My last session of 2018 was amazing and I am so thankful to end the year with such a kind couple. I cannot wait to meet this little girl in a few months.


White Point Gardens Maternity Session Preview | Charleston Maternity Photographer

I had the best time walking around downtown and chatting with this mom-to-be. I am so thankful for this job that connects me with such fun people!

Folly Beach Maternity Session | Folly Beach Photographer

Sunset after the storm | Folly Beach Maternity Photographer

I was so upset when I woke up to the sound of rain. This mom-to-be had booked her Folly Beach maternity session months in advance and I really wanted it to be the perfect night. Late morning, the sun came out and I was so hopeful the day would turn around. And that's when a nasty, black could rolled in. I checked the radar (a few dozen times), fired off an email and then waited. 

The radar promised a clear sky over the beach, so I loaded up the car in the rain and started driving. Sure enough, the sky started to turn blue the closer to the beach I got. And, without fail, as soon as I parked the bottom dropped out. 


About the time the rain stopped, we started walking out to the beach with a "hope for the best" attitude. As we topped the sand hill we were met with a glorious view of the lighthouse and the most beautiful cotton-candy cloud sky. The evening just got better as the sun started to set. We laughed, dad danced, there was a peanut gallery of little boys playing at the beach offering their commentary on our session - it was just a fun night! 

I am so thankful for this couple that drove through a thunderstorm for pictures with me. I think Folly Beach was showing off for them because it was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever seen.  

Folly Beach Maternity Session

It was so windy, a little cold and we were the last people at the beach, but HOLY COW! I am so thankful for clients who trust me and hang in there until the sun sets. First beach session of the year set the bar pretty dang high. I cannot wait to meet their little girl soon.


A simple maternity studio session | West Ashley Maternity Photographer

This sweet baby is keeping everyone on their toes, but I am so happy we were able to get some pictures of this beautiful momma!

A downtown Charleston, SC Maternity Session

There were a ton of snuggles this morning during this freezing downtown session. I cannot wait to meet this little guy in the spring.

A historic Charleston Maternity Session

He grew up in Charleston and the Army brought them together in Savannah, GA. They traveled back to his hometown for a classic, historic Charleston maternity session. Despite the cold weather, the sunset was to die for!