A Cool Spring Evening | Downtown Charleston, SC Sunset Maternity Session

This Sunset Maternity Session in Downtown Charleston is from back in March. Despite the fact that we'd had some really warm weather, it was surprisingly cool on this evening. Mom hung in there and everything turned out beautifully!

Charleston didn't disappoint and gave us beautiful blossoms and a golden sunset.

Mom is from Charleston so I asked her if the city ever loses it's charm. Of course, she replied "No."                                                                                                                                                     How could it?

Toeing the Line Between Baby and Toddler | Folly Beach, SC Milestone Mini Session

We spent an early morning photographing this beautiful little girl and her wonderful parents at Folly Beach during sunrise. 

We arrived first thing at Folly Beach before the sun was coming up over the horizon for our beach  session. It was a gorgeous sight and the light was perfect.

I previously photographed this little girl for her nine month milestone session. Look how she has grown!

She is such a serious little soul. You can see it in her sweet face that she is thoughtful and pensive.

She would get brave enough to splash in the water, but then to run to mommy for a snuggle when the waves came in a little too fast. 

As she got more comfortable, she loved to point out the birds.

She is right at the age where she is toeing the line of baby and independent toddler. It is such a lovely and bittersweet transition and capturing this stage is such a privilege.

They grow up too quick | West Ashley, SC In-Studio 1st Birthday Milestone Session

The last time we photographed this handsome little man was back at Christmas time with his big sister. This time around we photographed him in-studio in West Ashley for his 1st birthday milestone session.

Last time we photographed him he was just starting to sit up so we would have to play the balancing game to snap a few pictures before he started to tip over. Now he is standing and getting ready to start walking any day now!

He is such a happy baby. He loved to smiled and the camera loved him back. It was such a fun milestone studio session.

He thought animal sounds were the funniest thing - "meow" was his favorite so his mom and I took turns being cats. The results were well worth it. Look at this handsome guy!

You're doing a wonderful job, mom! He's growing up beautifully. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of his first year. Here's hoping year two doesn't go by as quickly as year one!

Client Closet: Little Girls

Hats & Headbands

6-12 months 

6-12 months 

6-12 months 

6-12 months 


6-12 months

6-12 months


6-12 months (yellow, navy, light purple) 

6-12 months (yellow, navy, light purple)