Mommy & Me | Family Photography | Bremerton, WA

 I love Mommy and Me sessions because mom is usually behind the camera. There is just something magical about watching a mom play with her children. Their little eyes light up and hearing giggles... sigh. Childhood is so fleeting. 

You might recognize this family from their maternity family session last fall. I was so happy they came back for a Mommy & Me Session. 

Mom picked the location - a local park with amazing views if you're willing to drive a zig-zag road down to the water. I must say, it was quiet worth it! As soon as I made it to the parking lot, I spotted this little patch of grass where the sun was sparkling through the trees. After we spent a few minutes making wishes in the grass, we headed toward the water to see "the powerful waves." The tide was too high to go down to the water which was a bummer because we couldn't walk around the bend to see Mt. Rainier. The girls did have fun climbing on the rails of the pier. Little Miss A was so careful to put her clip on her dress for safe keeping and was devastated  when her clip fell off her dress into the water. Poor little thing was so upset. After A and her mom had a moment to discuss the fish with a beautiful clip on her head, A was back to her crazy self in no time. Don't you just love 4 year olds? 

Thank you for allowing me to be your family and maternity photographer in Bremerton, WA.

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