Session Preview | Charleston Newborn Mini Session

I got to snuggle this sweet nugget today!

2018 Studio Mini Session Welcome Guide

I am so excited for our studio mini session!

Make sure to prepare your kids for Santa before the session. Go over what they can talk to him about, you can bring a letter for him, etc. If your little one just isn’t having it, we can still get beautiful pictures without Santa.

I’ve included my outdoor Welcome Guide as I feel like much of the information applies. Keep in mind that Santa will have on red so plan your child’s outfit accordingly. The rest of the sets are traditional (slightly farmhouse) green, red and white. I’ve included a link to a Pinterest board with clothing inspiration at the very bottom.

Outdoor Newborn Session | Charleston Newborn Photographer

My first outdoor newborn session. It's funny that fall in Charleston is warmer than I keep my studio, but this little man didn't seem to mind one bit.

Baby in a bowl | Charleston Newborn Photographer

It took her a few minutes to settle in, but put that girl in a bowl and she passed out :)