Crazy Weather Family Session | West Ashley Family Photographer

The day of our session, Mother Nature decided to roll in a nasty mid-day thunderstorm. No problem, we will do the session the next day... right? Well, the once beautiful day turned dark again just as we arrived at Charles Town Landing. We decided to shoot in the parking lot so we could make a run for it the second the bottom dropped out. As we made it across the parking lot, the thunder started to roll in the distance and we knew we needed to work fast. Can you believe we got all of this in about 15 minutes? And this might be a new favorite spot to shoot! 

Session Preview: Baseball Cake Smash

Session Preview: Tiny miracle | West Ashley Newborn Photographer

This little girl decided that her parents could handle a move and a newborn within a few weeks of each other. She's truly an example of how amazing newborns really are and she now holds the title for the smallest baby I've photographed - around 4.5 pounds! She's small, but mighty!

Session Preview: Bow tie baby | Charleston Cake Smash Photographer

Americana Popsicle Session | Charleston Family Photographer

Want to know something really funny and SO #momlife? I wrote this blog post June 2016 and never published it. My baby is all grown and the field is full of houses, but there is no better time than the present to hit publish! Goodness gracious, y'all! 

This session was a combination of two ideas. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned a field? This field is actually just a few cleared lots in the back of our neighborhood. Every day when I drove past it I just knew it was perfect for pictures. For weeks, I tried to take Landon out there but something always seemed to come up - a thunderstorm, a melt down... 

At the same time, I had also wanted to take pictures of Landon eating ice cream or a popsicle. I mean, is there anything cuter (or more terrifying) than watching a toddler eat a treat? The only thing I couldn't figure out was how do I keep a popsicle cold in the crazy South Carolina heat? 

BINGO! I'll take Landon out to the field! 

And I kid you not. TWO days later they poured foundations, so my field is no more. 

Light Blue & White Cake Smash | West Ashley Cake Smash Photographer

The first year is full of amazing growth. I was shocked when I heard about this sweet boy's birth - a surprise, early arrival while mom was at a wedding. He's come a long way from the tiny peanut he was and has grown into the most handsome toddler. While not the biggest fan of his cake, he did enjoy (quickly) playing in it... and making sure mom left covered in cake as well. Happy Birthday buddy!